Emergency plumbing services in Toronto

In some seasons we are expecting a high number of emergency plumbing calls in The Greater Toronto Area, and we may not become able to respond to all these calls with the same day service which might happen from time to time. Thepipewrenchers Plumber Toronto is an affordable and and reliable plumbing company serving the GTA.
Safety is our number one priority along with the quality of work, and we believe every plumbing company should always make the safety a priority. A Property, whether it is residential or commercial, can end up being damaged by a plumbing disaster like backed up sewer or flood, Keep a professional plumber’s number is a good idea for such situations.

Plumbing Emergencies for commercial buildings

Building plumbing should always work flawlessly. As many people work or live in one single building, and they continuously use the plumbing fixtures. When it is not, Then it is disturbing, and it can also be damaging, costly and Un-healthy. Some building super’s are handymen, or they have a handyman working for them. However, I strongly advise against this policy. We all know that a handyman is cheaper than a licensed plumber but not sufficient especially for buildings with many residents. A licensed plumber can diagnose the plumbing issue with ease and accuracy and prevent them from happening again.

One of the most common seasonal plumbing issues is burst pipe.

Many reasons can cause a pipe to burst, and the most important one is cold and frozen water inside the pipe. our emergency plumber Toronto company have fixed thousands of burst pipes this winter and they are the company that you want to hire if you got any plumbing problems.
The second reason for a burst pipe is the pipe’s age. The pipes can tolerate a certain pressure. However, when the pipes become old, then they will have lower pressure rate tolerance. Another and third significant cause of a burst pipe is if it is exposed to the sunlight open air. Exposed pipes will have shorter age compare to well-protected pipes whether it is copper or pex.

Water can do damages.
Burst or leaky pipe is the last thing you want to see in your home or office.
A leaky or burst pipe can easily damage.

  • floor
  • walls
  • carpet
  • electrical stuff
  • and eventually everything on its way

You need to treat and fix the leaky or burst pipe quick and with no trace. And you need a licensed plumber to take care of the job and NOT a handyman. You can prevent or lower the risk of broken or burst pipe by scheduling regular maintenance for your plumbing system.

Quality of plumbing services.

Quality is an important factor after the safety, and you always need to hire a plumber who works and follow the simple rules of plumbing. Some plumbers especially individual or unlicensed plumbers cut corners and will skip doing the work correctly. Always make sure that the plumber you hire is licensed, insured and responsible for his job/willing to come back at any time to fix if there are any mistakes.

Blocked pipes and overflowing plumbing fixtures.

Some people try to use a plunger or drain cleaners when it comes to clogged pipes.


Plungers are a temporary fix, and the problem will come back, and keep in mind that plungers don’t work most of the times.

Drain cleaners.

Drain cleaners are harmful and also can destroy your pipes especially if the pipes are old. Drain cleaner products easily ruin soft types of pipes used under your sink in the commercial units and plastic pipes joined with glue might also start leaking after using the drain cleaners especially if the joints are old.


The solution of a cloggage is not Drain cleaners and also not a plunger. You need to call a Licensed plumber to resolve the issue. A plumber will use a heavy-duty snake machine to get rid of debris and built-ups inside your pipes, and your pipes should be again in a perfect condition. Which is an ideal solution.

A clogged toilet can’t be used until it is cleared another thing is that it might overflow. Therefore, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Raw sewage overflow is the last thing you need to happen in your house or office.
Most of the homes have only one kitchen, and therefore a clogged kitchen sink means you have no chance washing dishes. Consequently, it is considered as an emergency. You might think that kitchen sink is not emergency and you are still able to wash dishes since you have a dishwasher! Right?
Here is the bad news, the dishwasher drain is connected directly to the drain of the sink, and if the sink is clogged, then it means dishwasher does not work as well.
Using the dishwasher while the sink is clogged will cause an overflow into the sink and dishwasher.
You are going to deal with a big mess if you get an overflow in your dishwasher.

How much a plumbing leak can cost you?

Let’s Calculate the cost of a simple plumbing leak over time.

You might be thinking that as long as the faucets are shut off, you are not wasting any sorts of water in the house. However, the fact is that the numerous kinds of maintenance need in the house in order to detect the faults. Sometimes, it is very difficult for the method to locate the faulty things. This mechanism can indeed be costing the users some amount of money in the wasted water on the daily basis. Also, some problem can create the bigger problem to your property due to some leaky faucet.

Know About The Cost Of Wasted Water

Basically from the toilet, shower heads as well as faucets to the pipes that pass through the walls. There are lots of elements, which may have the tiny leak, whereas these leaks can enhance the amount of the water bills. You can conveniently hear the sound of these small leaks if you pay some attention. Do you hear the sluggish drip of the leaky sink in the kitchen? These may seem like the tiny problems, but if you don’t pay attention to them. It can harm you too many hurdles in the near future. So, it is better to repair them in order to overcome the issue now.

Recognize The Amount of Property

There are some leaks and other relevant problems, which may results wastage in the amount of water. For instance, water which leaks from the sinks will normally be washed down the toilet or bathtub being the drain. Other sorts of leaks that users are unable to locate or detect for a long period of time can harm you in the greater amount. There are some leaks, which you can easily find beneath the hot water heater or in the pipes. These sorts of leaky stuff can damage your property and also have the possibility of the mold growth as the time goes on.

Furthermore, it is advisable that to locate these sorts of issues in the early stages. If you are able to detect them, you can conveniently save the enormous amount of money with ease. There is no need to be troubled, just make sure that if you repair those lead. They cannot cause any other kinds of problems in the near future. Also, there are some tools available in the market, which helps the users to detect the leaks in the walls conveniently. Try to attain these types of product to comfortably locate these defaults.

Do you need a plumber to help?

If you are still facing any other problem, then it is better to back off and attain the help of the plumber. Don’t try to do anything reckless; otherwise, you will get stranded or make the condition more badly. So, there is no need to be worried anymore. However, if you any sorts of complication, then try to read the above-mentioned information to gain success with ease. Understand the writing in the appropriate manner in order to get rid of the hurdles in the fewer amounts.

How Fix Water Pressure Loss In Your Shower?

Who doesn’t love to take bath using a shower?

Well, almost everyone. You can take bath completely and easily that’s why it is more reliable method. There are lots of people who are using it but you can find some issue as it become old and you are using it from many years. Facing the water pressure issue is getting common these days but it can be resolved by various methods. You can call a plumber and tell the problem to never face any issue and getting it done in few hours.

On the other hand, you can check out the shower head on your own to resolve the issues. The shower head completely fills up with debris and such other things. It blocks the holes and don’t let the water flow on higher rate. It becomes the reason of less water pressure. But, it is easy to fix and there are many methods which can help in getting rid of it. You just need to focus on the opening it up and cleaning whereas the given below methods will ease up the work for you.

Pressure Valve

You can easily find the pressure valve in every home and these are used to turn off the water supply as well as increasing the pressure. If you are facing lower water pressure then there are chances of limitations done at these places. In order to get rid of it, you can turn it on completely.

Most of the chances are that you can resolve all the issues related to pressure but if it doesn’t work then you can go with other methods like cleaning the shower head. Many other reasons can be behind the issue but it is easy to eradicate by few more methods.

Clean the shower head

If you are not getting the better water pressure by using all the methods then it is pretty much sure that Clogged Shower head is behind the issue. Well, you can take it down by various methods. You can replace the shower head as if it can’t be cleaned or you can go with alternatives.

These methods can help and if you want to replace the shower then turn off the main water supply and use a bucket to collect water in the pipe. As the water ends in pipe, you should open the shower completely and install the new one.

You just have to rotate the shower pipe in anti-clockwise direction to open it. On the other hand, if you want to tight it up then must rotate in clockwise direction. It is easy and quite better method than hiring a plumber to resolve the issue.

Double check water pressure

Make sure to check out the water supply and water pressure in all the pipes before changing the shower head. Sometimes, the issue occur due to poor pressure in the pipe. The pipes may be clogged or there may be issue from the supply. Must check other factors before jumping on the conclusion of changing shower.

How A Dual Flush Toilet Can Save You Water?

There is no doubt in the fact that lots of people are using one piece toilet and the main reason behind this factor is higher durability. Lots of manufacturers are offering it at cheaper prices and the common thing coming these days is dual flush toilet.

You can find that the toilet tank has two buttons. Each one is serving different purpose. Well, one button is small, whereas other one is large. When you press the small button then it let a little amount of Water flow through the tank.

On the other hand, if you press the large button then it will let higher amount of water flow. Even it will empty up the whole tank. Both are used in different works.

How Dual flush toilet Works?

Well, if you are willing to flow a small amount of water because you just pee. Well, you don’t want to waste too much water. Most of people press the button on normal flush and pull it back so that they don’t have to use whole tank water.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about this thing now because you have the option to flow a small amount of water to clean it. Almost every public washroom, hotels and other places are using it due to this benefit.

If someone go to washroom and want to flush drain (which obviously require higher amount of water) then you have to use higher amount of water. You just have to press the other button so that it let the tanker empty up and take away the drain.

Is It Durable?

Basically, the tank is containing higher amount of water and the system installed in between has two buttons. Inside, both are of same size and it is a cylindrical plastic made bottle structure thing. One button open the cap and let higher amount of water flow through the pipe.

However, it is completely different with other because there is a small water and if you press it then it open for very few seconds and it don’t let higher amount of water pass through it. Basically, you have to waste less water by this method.

Almost everyone who is using dual flush toilet has positive reviews and there are very less reports regarding the durability. Even we can say that the dual flush toilets are more durable than the simple one that’s why you should purchase it and install in the toilet.

Benefits Of Dual Flush Toilet

It is a good option to save water and without tackling to any issue. You can save money on water bills and you don’t have to tackle any issue. If you are using the toilet tank doesn’t have this system then must get it.

You can call a plumber and ask him for the replacement. He will tell you that what is required and how much it will cost that’s why must get the right system of need.

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